Director:YANG Li-Chou
CHEN Hsi-Huang
Genre:Documentary, Craftsman
Producer:HOU Hsiao-Hsien
Language:Taiwanese, Mandarin
Subtitle:Chinese, English
Year:2018 Oct
Hong Kong International Film Festival, Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival
語言:台語, 國語
香港國際電影節, 台北金馬國際影展
Father / 紅盒子

Master Chen Hsi-huang is the eldest son of the puppet master LI Tian-Lu. Ten years ago, at the age of 79, he left the Li family and set up his own troupe, which soon earned recognition all over the world. Nevertheless, this traditional art declined rapidly and Chen found no one to pass on his great skills.


About the film

This is a documentary film about the art and the inheritance of Taiwanese traditional puppetry and the relationship between father and son.
The production of “Father” lasted for ten years. It not only recorded the inheritance mission of the eighty-year-old elders, but also explored the conflicts between the two generations. This film shows the master’s intelligent skills to give the puppet life on the big screen, trying to inject the unique charm of the traditional puppet show so as to bring it back to ordinary people. Over the ten year shoot, due to control of language and diversity in entertainment, they saw the dying of this traditional puppetry culture. The film says goodbye to it in the most glorious way.


About the Filmmakers

Producer, HOU Hsiao-Hsien

A leading figure in world cinema and in Taiwan's New Wave cinema movement, an auteur.
* Golden Lion at 1989 Venice Film Festival
* Best Director Award at 2015 Cannes Film Festival


Director, YANG Li-Chou

YANG graduated from Tainan National College of the Arts in Taiwan and has been an independent documnetary filmmaker ever since.His majority of his films have given voice to the underprivileged, bringing important issues greater attention among society
* NETPAC Special Mention at 1999 Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival 
* Best Non-Drama Director at 2003 Golden Bell Awards


Critic Reviews

Hollywood Reporter - ''Lush sequences in which Chen illustrates his technique - close-ups of his hand movements, for example, or an extract of a performance.''

請再看一眼,這也許是最後一眼 陳錫煌,已故布袋戲大師李天祿的長子。李天祿因入贅陳家,長子按規定得姓陳。父親巨人般的身影、異姓父子的特殊關係,為兩人種下難解心結。 在每次演出前,陳錫煌總會向紅盒子裏的戲神田都元帥,祈求表演順利,但戲迷其實早就散了,戲台也被其他娛樂所取代。他離開了家族的布袋戲團,也在這個時候,關於自己、關於父親、關於鬼魂等等每一段從未想過但一直存在的風景,卻一幕幕上演。