Director:Liao Wei-Cheng, Weng Chih-Wen, Huang Yong-Cin, Liu Kuan-Lin, Liu Chan-Chen
Runtime:60 min
Subtitle:Chinese, English
Lita Warriors II / 燃燒的鬥魂 II

Lita Warriors II  tells the life stories of the warriors who strive for their goals on the land of Taiwan. They keep fighting for their lives, spreading altruistic benevolence. Together they create eternal and unique new values for Taiwan! Their touching endeavor and selfless devotion have inspired contemporary Taiwanese to bravely pursue their dreams and rekindle the spirit of a warrior. Meanwhile, they give us the courage to create deeper meaning and values for our lives!

Taiwan accounts for less than 0.03 % of the land area of the world, only 0.3 % of the world population. However, there is a group of people who realize their dreams with their hands. Step toward the world on their feet, pursuing their dreams against all odds! They are the masters of their fate who manage to surmount all the difficulties in life and find the drive to surpass themselves and the warrior’s spirit to fight for the better. They spread the goodwill that encourages gratefulness and selflessness, leading the society toward a positive atmosphere. They are warriors who touch lives, pursue their dreams and persist in achieving greatness.


1) Tai-yuan Kuo - The Warrior Who Fights the Pitching Mound “Baseball is more than just a sport. It’s a career that requires the dedication of your soul.”

2) Stanley Yen - The Warrior Who Finds the Way Home “Plant a seed for hope to bud. Build a platform for dreams to fly,” Stanley Yen said, “Let’s all donate ourselves.”

3) Wu-Hsiung Huang - The Warrior Who Travels a Thousand Miles “Trails are created by our footprints and slowly formed trails are the most beautiful. Without major construction work, the Thousand-Mile Trail connects beautiful scenes throughout Taiwan. The network of trails will create business opportunities...”

4) Chiung-Chih Liao - The Warrior Who Lives Her Life on Stage “My life is a play on the stage...I had no one to rely on when I was little. Taiwanese opera gave me something to rely on. That’s why I should give something in return.”

5) Ruo-yu Liu & Chih-Chun Huang - The Warrior Who Sets Out from the Heart To maintain inner peace in a bustling world—peacethat can join together the performance on stage and the audience off stage to create a moment for both sides to live in.        

《燃燒的鬥魂II》是台灣這塊土地上的勇者堅毅奮鬥的生命故事,這些生命鬥士,點燃了「利他」的善念,共同創造了永恆且獨特的台灣新價值他們真實感人的奮戰、無私無悔的付出,激勵現代台灣人勇敢築夢、重燃鬥魂精神,也讓你我勇於為生命創造出更深層的意義與價值台灣土地面積不到世界的萬分之三,人口只占世界的千分之三,但有一群人,他們用雙手實踐夢想,用雙腳踏向世界,逆轉人生勇敢追夢他們突破命運困境,不屈不撓的認真生活,找到自我超越的動力與拚搏向上的鬥魂精神,他們發揚"感恩利他的善念力量",引導社會正向風氣他們是"激勵人生,勇敢追夢,堅持向上" 的鬥魂

1) 郭泰源《紅土丘上的鬥魂》

2) 嚴長壽《找路回家的鬥魂》

3) 黃武雄《行遍千里的鬥魂》

4) 廖瓊枝《戲如人生的鬥魂》

5) 劉若瑀 與 黃誌群《從心出發的鬥魂》